The Ohio State Medical Association (OSMA) is a statewide association representing 20,000 Ohio physicians, residents, medical students and practice managers. We are dedicated to improving the practice of medicine for physicians, their staff and patients, by advocating their position, saving them time and money, and promoting the medical profession. The OSMA is affiliated with the American Medical Association on the national level and county medical societies on the local level.

This section provides general information about the OSMA’s history, affiliated groups and committees and current policies.



Learn how the OSMA was founded and who has served as president since 1846.

Guiding Statements

Learn more about the OSMA’s mission for Ohio’s physicians.



Learn about who leads the association, when they meet and what by-laws are behind their decisions.

Policy Compendium

The OSMA policy compendium is a searchable PDF document of policies adopted from the OSMA House of Delegates from 1929 to date. This document serves as the governing policy for the association.


Affiliated Groups & Committees

The OSMA is affiliated with many groups at the national, state and local levels.

Annual Meeting

Learn about the event where OSMA policy is set.

Insurance Agency

By working collaboratively with your practice, the OSMA Insurance Agency will personalize a suite of products and services to meet the needs of your practice, your staff and your family. You'll have access to Fortune 500-style benefits and special prices and features that can only be found in the Agency's product lines. In addition to traditional insurance products, the Agency offers medical malpractice insurance, benefit and financial planning, government compliance assistance, payroll services and HR tools.


Contact Us

Find the many ways you can contact the OSMA.