Affiliated Groups & Committees

The Ohio State Medical Association (OSMA) is a statewide association representing Ohio physicians, residents, medical students and practice managers. The OSMA is affiliated with the American Medical Association (AMA) on the national level and county medical societies on the local level.


The mission of the American Medical Association is to promote the art and science of medicine and the betterment of public health.


Ohio Delegation to the AMA

The Ohio Delegation to the American Medical Association (AMA) provides Ohio physicians a voice in the governance of the AMA.

County Medical Societies

Find points of contact for your county society here.



The Ohio State Medical Association Alliance is a group of physician spouses dedicated to promoting the goals of both the OSMA and the AMA.


Joint Advisory Committee on Sports Medicine

The Ohio State Medical Association Joint Advisory Committee on Sports Medicine serves to promote the health and safety of thousands of Ohio’s interscholastic athletes through close cooperation with the Ohio High School Athletic Association, Ohio Athletic Trainers Association and other sports medicine organizations.

Organized Medical Staff Section

The Organized Medical Staff Section is the advocate, voice and resource for physicians who are members of the medical staffs and other organizations.


OSMA Focused Task Force on Accreditation

Accredits hospitals, organizations and institutions as intrastate (state or locally promoted) providers of continuing medical education activities.


Committee on Judicial and Professional Relations

This committee may be involved in evaluation of physician/organization relationships and ethical matters affecting those relationships.