Delegation to the AmA

The Ohio Delegation to the American Medical Association (AMA) provides Ohio physicians a voice in the governance of the AMA. The delegates and alternate delegates elected by the OSMA House of Delegates represent varied medical disciplines and geographic practice locations in Ohio. Currently, Ohio is eligible for 12 delegates and a corresponding number of alternate delegates to represent Ohio in the AMA's governance structure. In addition, the AMA Medical Student Section is afforded regional representation, and the Ohio delegation invites any elected Ohio-based regional student representative to participate on the delegation. The Ohio delegation is an active participant in the AMA's House of Delegates which convenes twice a year (Annual Meeting and Interim Meeting) to review and decide on issues important to physicians and their medical practices.

The Ohio delegation's participation in the AMA allows physicians the opportunity to participate in a national forum on issues important to the medical profession. The AMA provides a powerful voice in Congress, the courts and federal agencies. The AMA also provides its members with numerous sources of information about physician's practices and the profession. In tandem, the OSMA and the AMA work effectively to represent the interests of Ohio physicians.

Members of the Ohio Delegation to the AMA must be active members of both the American Medical Association and the Ohio State Medical Association. Elections are held at the annual meeting of the OSMA House of Delegates. Members are elected for 2-year terms. Delegation members attend all sessions of the AMA House of Delegates and all Ohio AMA delegation functions.

The representational role of the AMA delegates is multi-dimensional and includes:

  1. Advocacy for patients to improve the health of the public and the health care system.
  2. Representation of the perspectives of the delegate’s sponsoring organization to the AMA House of Delegates.
  3. Representation of the delegate’s physician constituents in the decision-making process of the AMA House of Delegates.
  4. Representation of the AMA and the House of Delegates to physicians, medical associations and others.
  5. Solicitation of input from and provision of feedback to constituents.

In considering business, delegates take into consideration the perspectives of their patients, their sponsoring organizations, and their physician constituents. In voting on matters before the House of Delegates, AMA delegates vote on the basis of what is best for patients and quality medical care.

Members of the Ohio Delegation to the AMA prepare for each AMA House of Delegates meeting by reviewing materials sent to them and then participate in the deliberations of various committees to which they are assigned. Members of the Ohio delegation participate in membership promotion activities in their local societies and districts for both the OSMA and the AMA.

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The Ohio Delegation to the AMA


J. Steven Polsley, MD, Chair   Urbana
Molly A. Katz, MD, Vice-Chair   Cincinnati
Robyn F. Chatman, MD   Cincinnati
Louito C. Edje, MD   Toledo
Lisa B. Egbert, MD   Centerville
Gregor K. Emmert, Jr., MD   Toledo
Charles J. Hickey, MD   Columbus
Gary R. Katz, MD   Dublin
Richard N. Nelson, MD   Columbus
William C. Sternfeld, MD   Toledo
Donna A. Woodson, MD   Toledo
Matt Magyar
  AMA Medical Student Section (Regional)

Alternate Delegates

Anthony J. Armstrong, MD   Toledo
Evangeline C. Andarsio, MD   Dayton
Tyler J. Campbell, MD   Winchester
Richard R. Ellison, MD
David O. Griffith, MD   Troy
Melissa S. Jeffris, MD  


Warren F. Muth, MD  


Carl S. Wehri, MD   Delphos
Annie K. Lim, DO   Ohio Resident Fellow Section
Andrew C. Rudawsky   Ohio Medical Student Section
Ryan L. Shapiro   AMA Medical Student Section (Regional)