Voice of Medicine Award

The Voice of Medicine Award is presented to individuals outside of the health care profession for advancing the OSMA’s mission of improving the practice of medicine for physicians, their staff and patients.

From L to R: Neal Nesbitt, MD; Wary J. Wall, MD, JD; Gov. John Kasich; Tim Maglione, JD

Award recipients

2014: Governor John R. Kasich

Recently in his 2014 biennium review, Governor John recommended cutting Ohio’s personal income tax rates, while raising the taxes on cigarettes and other tobacco products. Gov. Kasich has not only raised his voice but has led the fight on shutting down Ohio’s pill mills and addressing proactively the prescription, drug abuse epidemic in Ohio.

2012:  Rep. terry johnson, do (R-Portsmouth)

A former Scioto County Coroner, past president of the Scioto County Medical Society and OSMA member, State Rep. Terry Johnson, DO, (R-Portsmouth) is currently serving his first term in the Ohio House of Representatives. He represents the 89th House District, which includes Scioto County and parts of Lawrence and Adams Counties. He was a sponsor and a driving force behind House Bill 93, legislation aimed at curbing prescription drug abuse in Ohio.

2010: Sen. Kevin Coughlin (R-Cuyahoga Falls) & Sen. Eric Kearney (D-Cincinnati)

Sen. Kevin Coughlin (R-Cuyahoga Falls) served as the Chairman of the Health, Human Services and Aging Committee until 2011. He has sponsored and co-sponsored legislation which would provide greater access to medical care and also supported legislation which would provide for fairer reimbursement rates. Most recently, Sen. Coughlin was the primary sponsor of Senate Bill 64, pending legislation which would require health care plans to provide benefits for colorectal examinations.

Like Coughlin, Sen. Kearney (D-Cincinnati) has supported legislation to increase access to medical care and legislation to reduce the bureaucracy physicians confront when dealing with health insurers. This year marks his fourth annual walk from Cincinnati to Columbus to bring attention to the children’s health issues. He is also the primary sponsor of Senate Bill 24, pending legislation which would establish nutritional standards for food and beverages sold in public schools.

More information on the 2010 Voice of Medicine Award is available here.

2008: State Sen. Bill Seitz (R-Cincinnati) and State Rep. Matt Huffman (R-Lima)

State Sen. Bill Seitz (R-Cincinnati) and State Rep. Matt Huffman (R-Lima) received the Voice of Medicine Award in 2008 for their work on the Healthcare Simplification Act (H.B. 125). The legislation, signed into law in March 2008, mandates transparency and fairness in the contracting process between physicians and insurance providers. More information on the Healthcare Simplification Act is available here.