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The OSMAPAC, the Ohio State Medical Association Political Action Committee, fights for Ohio physicians by helping to elect state and federal candidates who support the OSMA’s policy agenda. By electing legislators who will reduce the cumbersome regulations that inhibit the practice of medicine, OSMA lobbyists are equipped with the political muscle to enact meaningful reforms for the health care industry.

Sen. Sherrod Brown meets with OSMAPAC President Marvin Rorick, MD.  

Additionally, OSMAPAC members receive:What are the benefits of PAC Membership?
By contributing to the OSMAPAC, you will substantially enhance the OSMA’s advocacy efforts at the Ohio Statehouse and in the halls of Congress regarding issues such as practice economics, managed care reform, Medicare SGR reform, access to care and scope of practice expansions. The slate of newly elected officials presents the OSMA with a unique opportunity to play a significant role in setting the legislative health care agenda.

  • Subscription to a quarterly publication for current political information
  • Invitations to local political events
  • Regular updates on political activities 
  • Political "muscle" to fight insurance companies and trial lawyers

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Contributions to OSMAPAC are not deductible for federal income tax purposes. Voluntary political contributions by individuals to OSMAPAC should be written on personal checks. Funds from corporations will be used for political education activities and/or state election activities where allowed. Contributions are not limited to suggested amounts. The OSMA will not favor or disadvantage anyone based upon the amounts of or failure to make PAC contributions. Voluntary political contributions are subject to limitations of FEC regulations.