Our health care delivery system is in a rapid state of transformation. This change is having a profound effect on medical practices and where and how physicians practice medicine. In Ohio, it is estimated that 46 percent of physicians practice in an employment relationship with a health system or hospital and that number is growing by 5 to 10 percent per year.

With the trend of physicians moving from independent practice to health systems, the OSMA Health System Physician Division was created to better serve physicians practicing in an employment relationship with a health system or hospital. The OSMA has restructured its programmatic, advocacy and education offerings to provide a forum for these physicians to engage with the organization around issues that are important to their patients and practice environment.

The creation of the OSMA Health System Physician division is the beginning of a long journey to capitalize on the opportunities and confront the challenges created by physician employment. As we embark on shifting some of our organizational priorities and offerings to health system physicians, we encourage you to share your thoughts and comments on this endeavor. We look forward to continuing to serve Ohio’s physician community as the forum to empower physicians to advocate on behalf of their patients and profession.