Medical Student Section

The OSMA is a statewide not-for-profit association that represents 20,000 members in Ohio. Members include physicians, residents, medical students and practice managers. Collectively, we speak as one voice and are dedicated to improving the practice of medicine.

We advocate your best interests.
The OSMA employs full-time lawyers and lobbyists who are at the forefront of every health care issue in Ohio. Each legislative session, the OSMA actively engages in over 100 bills that impact the health care delivery system and how physicians practice medicine. 

We give you the power to make a difference.
The OSMA provides leadership opportunities for medical students to get involved and make a difference in their community and profession. Student-elected positions include: MSS Chair, MSS Vice Chair, MSS Secretary-Treasurer and AMA Alternate Delegate.

We help you expand your professional network.
The OSMA gives students the opportunity to network with other Ohio students, residents and physicians by attending events such as the OSMA-MSS Annual Meeting, OSMA Annual Meeting and educational events.

We keep you connected.
The OSMA provides an online forum for the exchange of information among medical students, residents and physician members. Our online community allows members to create their own profiles, interact with their peers and post information on important topics affecting health care.  Click here to visit the OSMA Community.

We keep you informed.
The OSMA’s team of experts will keep you informed of the ever-changing health care industry through, our weekly e-newsletters, a call center to answer your questions, breaking news alerts, Twitter updates and Facebook. Click here to visit us on Facebook or click here to follow us on Twitter.

We support you throughout your career.
The OSMA will be there for you as a medical student, resident/fellow and as a practicing physician. We will provide you with the tools and resources needed to be successful throughout your career.

How you can join.
Join for free today! Simply email with your full name, institution's name and year of expected graduation.