Contact Your Representative about the SGR

Physicians are once again watching Congress closely and hoping lawmakers will not avoid their responsibility to prevent steep Medicare physician payment cuts. The threat of a 26.5 percent cut in Medicare is looming if Congress fails to act prior to Jan. 1.

Demand that Congress act before Jan.1. Contact your representative and senators today. To find email and telephone information for your U.S. Senators and/or Representatives, click here or use the AMA grassroots hotline at (800) 833-6354.

Time and again lawmakers have agreed that the SGR formula is flawed, only to respond with short-term, patchwork solutions instead of permanent repeal.

Remind them that this failed approach perpetuates the threat of annual cuts, creating instability for physicians' practices, eroding their confidence in the Medicare system and limiting access to care for patients.

As recently as 2010, Congress allowed cuts to occur and then fixed the interruption in Medicare physician payments at a later date. Your elected leaders need to be reminded that this action caused a disruptive hold on claims for Medicare physician services, creating significant strain for physician practices and interrupting access to care for Medicare beneficiaries.

If Congress once again defers action on the scheduled Medicare SGR cuts until after Jan. 1, it will be at a great cost to physicians and their patients.

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