Ohio is Not the Only State Pushing Tough New Rules for Abortion

Gov. John Kasich in late June signed a state budget bill that contained some of the toughest restrictions for abortion in the country. Under the new Ohio law, physicians must perform external ultrasounds to detect a fetal heartbeat and tell the pregnant woman the statistical probability of carry the fetus to full term. Fail to do that and the physician can face criminal and civil prosecution.

But Ohio is hardly alone in this push for tougher abortion restrictions. Legislatures in Texas, Wisconsin and North Dakota also recently passed laws restricting abortion.

The new Ohio provisions also now require the state’s 12 abortion clinics to have transfer agreements with hospitals before sending a pregnant woman seeking an abortion to a hospital in an emergency. But the law also goes a step further, banning state-funded public hospitals from entering such agreements – the only state in the country with such a restriction. It is Ohio State Medical Association (OSMA) policy to neither promote nor oppose legislation related to the legalization of abortion procedures. But the OSMA did oppose these new provisions because they potentially criminalize a medical procedure that is recognized as a standard of care and could threaten the strength of physician-patient communication.

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