OSMA Comments on State Medical Board of Ohio's Impairment Rules

The State Medical Board of Ohio recently announced that it will soon begin the process of reviewing the rules that govern impaired practitioners. The board will review each impairment rule in early 2013 and the rule review process will result in proposals for each rule. A proposal may be to continue a rule unchanged, revise it or rescind it.

In response to the board’s announcement of the rule review, OSMA President Deepak Kumar, MD, sent a letter to the Medical Board addressing the OSMA’s concerns with the current rules.

The OSMA asks that the medical board investigate offering an early intervention option that provides a pre-disciplinary or non-disciplinary route for physicians who are experiencing dependency, abuse or mental health issues. The OSMA also encouraged the board to take into consideration the widely accepted view that regulatory agencies should not equate “illness” (i.e. addiction or depression) as synonymous with “impairment.”

To read the OSMA’s letter to the State Medical Board of Ohio, click here.

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