OSMA Continues to Advocate Ohio's Return to Play Law

Ohio’s Return to Play law took effect in April but already the statute that addresses concussions sustained by student-athletes is being threatened. The law, which is strongly supported by the Ohio State Medical Association (OSMA), requires youth who suffered a concussion or head injury during their sport to be medically cleared by a physician or medical professional acting under the supervision of a physician before they can return to athletic participation.

A little-known amendment was placed in the House version of Substitute House Bill 59, the state operating budget proposal, would give chiropractors the ability to clear youth athletes who have suffered a concussion to return to play.

The OSMA strongly opposes this amendment and just last week sent a letter to the Ohio Senate requesting its removal. The letter was also signed by the Ohio Chapter of American Academy of Pediatrics, Ohio Children’s Hospital Association, Ohio Athletic Trainers Association, Ohio Hospital Association and Ohio Osteopathic Association.

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