OSMA Council Approves New Mission Statement

The Ohio State Medical Association (OSMA) approved new guiding statements for the organization at its September Council meeting. In addition to revising our mission statement, the OSMA Council also added a vision statement, values statement and strategic priorities.

For several years the OSMA had a fairly long mission statement that embodied many facets of the organization’s work itself, but did not fully state its overall goal. The OSMA Council, along with key staff members, shortened the mission statement from 77 words down to 24:

“The Ohio State Medical Association (OSMA) is dedicated to empowering physicians, residents and medical students to advocate on behalf of their patients and profession.”

This condensed statement encompasses all facets of the OSMA’s work not only for physicians, but also the patients they serve. Along this line, the OSMA Council also approved an official vision statement for the association:

“Bringing physicians together for a healthier Ohio “

This new vision statement now appears on the OSMA logo, and concisely conveys what it is we work towards each and every day.

Finally, the OSMA Council approved a values statement:

The OSMA values:
  • The sanctity of the physician-patient relationship
  • The role of physicians as the leader of the health care team
  • Innovation that transforms health care delivery and improves the health of patients and the patient experience
  • Access to high quality, affordable health care
  • The role of patients in improving their health
  • The future generation of physicians – medical students, residents, and fellows
As well as strategic priorities:
  • Empowering physicians to engage and educate patients on improving their health and the health of Ohio
  • Leading physicians into the future through support in optimal practice models and in their role as the leader of the new health care systems
  • Supporting the future of medicine by engaging medical students and residents and collaborating with other medical and health care organizations

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