Tools & Resources

The OSMA provides numerous resources for Ohio Physicians and their staff. From running a practice to professional development and networking, the OSMA provides many tools for your success.


OSMA Preferred Partner Program

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Reimbursement/Payer Assistance

Information to assist you in collecting your fees from insurance companies, government payers and patients.

Running a Practice

We know a lot goes into running a practice. The OSMA has information and resources to make it easier.

Consulting Services

Our single objective is to provide candid and accurate physician-based practice management services that benefit our Ohio physicians.

Medical Board Licensing and Discipline

Health Information Technology

OSMA offers information on EHR adoption, from information on assessments, certification, OSMA vendor-recognized programs for the purchase of EHR, to free contract review of EHR contracts and peer-to-peer guidance.

Public Health

The OSMA is actively involved in several public health issues, making a difference for you and your patients.

Health System Reform

The OSMA has long advocated that all Americans should have health insurance and high quality, affordable health care, regardless of employment or health status.

Ohio Internships, Career Opportunities and Career Development

Look here for a health care internships, positions or ways to become more involved in your profession.

Classified Ads

Post and search for information, including employment opportunities, physicians who are currently seeking employees, or those selling practices, services or equipment.

OSMA Insurance Agency

Tailored programs especially for physicians and their staff. Products include health, life, disability and medical liability insurance.


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