Organized Medicine's View on Health System Reform


The OSMA’s Vision for Creating a Healthier Ohio

In 2007, the OSMA created a plan for reforming the health delivery system in Ohio. The plan, called the OSMA’s “Vision for Creating a Healthier Ohio,” calls for portable universal coverage for basic services through an individual mandate and a focus on wellness and prevention instead of more treatment of illness. The OSMA’s “Vision” also recommends more personal responsibility and ownership of one’s health insurance all through a mechanism with stable financing. The OSMA was among the first provider organizations to call for an individual mandate for health insurance. For more on the OSMA’s Vision, go here.

AMA’s Vision for Health System Reform

The AMA is committed to achieving health system reform this year that:

  • Protects the sacred relationship between patients and their physicians, without interference by insurance companies or the government
  • Provides affordable health insurance for all through a choice of plans and eliminates denials for pre-existing conditions
  • Promotes quality, prevention and wellness initiatives
  • Repeals the Medicare physician payment system that harms seniors' access to care
  • Eases the crushing weight of medical liability and insurance company bureaucracy

The AMA also has a special Web site,, with the latest news and information about health system and insurance reform, sign up for e-updates, download patient information and take action.