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County Medical Societies

The OSMA is a statewide association representing nearly 16,000 Ohio physicians, residents, medical students and practice managers. On a local level, the OSMA is affiliated with county medical societies. Below is a list of all county medical societies in Ohio that the OSMA has current contact information for. 
County Medical Society Contact
Academy of Medicine of Lima/Allen County
Trish Stephens, Executive Secretary
Jennifer Gravitt, Executive Secretary
Champaign County Medical Society
Lisa Conley, Executive Secretary
Clark County Medical Society
Julie Reid, Executive Secretary
Columbiana County Medical Society
Donna Thompson, Executive Director
Erie County Medical Society
Heidi Painter, Executive Secretary
Fairfield County Academy of Medicine
Lisa Sells, Executive Director
Fayette County Academy of Medicine
Brenda Hughes, Executive Secretary
Lisa Oyer, Member Relations Rep.
Geauga County Medical Society
Sue Janssen, Executive Secretary
Greene County Medical Society
Marjorie Branch, Executive Director
Donna Gilliam, Executive Director
Hancock County Medical Society
Beverly Woodward, Executive Secretary
Lake County Medical Society
Susan Kruger, Executive Director
Licking County Medical Society
Renee C. Spring-Ives, Executive Secretary
Susannah Selnick, Executive Director
Lee F. Wealton, Executive Director
Karyn L. Frederick, Executive Director
Medina County Medical Society
Dea Perkins, Executive Director
Connie Mahle, Executive Director
Richland County Medical Society
Joyce Wells, Executive Secretary
Ross County Medical Society
Barkla Holton, Executive Secretary
Sandusky County Medical Society
Martha Damschroder, Executive Secretary
Grace B. Martin, Executive Director
Seneca County Medical Society
Carlene Hitchcock, Administrative Assistant
Kevin P. Metz, Executive Director
Cindy Spanos, Secretary
Williams County Medical Society Becky A. Cape, Executive Secretary
Wyandot County Medical Society Mary A. Schwenning, Executive Secretary

Last updated: February 2017


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