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Past Presidents

The Ohio State Medical Association was founded in 1846. Since that time, the organization has been guided by a President each and every year. We honor those physicians who have held the highest position within the OSMA and thank them for their dedication and service. 
Term Name Deceased County
2016-2017 Brian Leroy Bachelder, MD, FAAFP   Summit
2015-2016 Robert Erik Kose, MD, JD   Lucas
2014-2015 Mary Jean Wall, MD, JD   Huron
2013-2014 Neal James Nesbitt, MD, FACS   Athens
2012-2013 Deepak Kumar, MD   Montgomery
2011-2012 Charles Joseph Hickey, MD, FACS   Franklin
2010-2011 Richard Robert Ellison, MD   Summit
2009-2010 Roy Hamilton Thomas, MD   Lorain
2008-2009 Warren F. Muth, MD, FACS   Montgomery
Craig W. Anderson, MD   Franklin
2006-2007 James Michael Sudimack, MD, FACEP   Trumbull
2005-2006 Molly Ann Katz, MD   Hamilton
2004-2005 Steven Paul Combs, MD   Lake
2003-2004 William Charles Sternfeld, MD, FACS   Lucas
2002-2003 John Warner Thomas, MD   Wayne
2001-2002 Walter Edward Matern, MD   Hamilton
2000-2001 Walter James Wielkiewicz, MD   Muskingum
1999-2000 David Joseph Utlak, MD   Stark
1998-1999 Lance Allen Talmage, MD   Lucas
1997-1998 Su-Pa Kang, MD   Lucas
1996-1997 John F. Kroner, Jr., MD   Athens
1995-1996 Jack Leo Summers, MD   Summit
1994-1995 Claire V. Wolfe, MD   Franklin
1993-1994 Walter Anthony Reiling, Jr., MD X Montgomery
1992-1993 Stanley Jerome Lucas, MD X Hamilton
1991-1992 Joseph Sudimack, Jr., MD X Franklin
1990-1991 John Aloysius Devany, MD X Lucas
1989-1990 William John Marshall, MD X Montgomery
1988-1989 Donavin A. Baumgartner, Jr., MD   Cuyahoga
1987-1988 D. Ross Irons, MD X Huron
1986-1987 John Edward Albers, MD   Hamilton
1985-1986 Herman Irwin Abromowitz, MD   Montgomery
1984-1985 A. Burton Payne, MD   Lawrence
1983-1984 S. Baird Pfahl, Jr., MD   Erie
1982-1983 C. Douglass Ford, MD X Lucas
1981-1982 Stewart Ben Dunsker, MD   Hamilton
1980-1981 Robert Gilmor Thomas, MD X Lorain
1979-1980 Thomas Waitman Morgan, MD X Gallia
1978-1979 John James Gaughan, MD X Cuyahoga
1977-1978 William Moore Wells, MD X Licking
1976-1977 George Norbert Bates, MD X Lucas
1975-1976 Maurice Franklin Lieber, MD X Stark
1974-1975 James L. Henry, MD X Franklin
1973-1974 Oscar Withers Clarke, MD X Gallia
1972-1973 William Richard Schultz, MD X Wayne
1971-1972 P. John Robechek, MD X Cuyahoga
1970-1971 Richard Lamarr Fulton, MD X Franklin
1969-1970 The Honorable Robert N. Smith, MD X Lucas
1968-1969 Theodore Long Light, MD X Montgomery
1967-1968 Robert E. Howard, MD X Hamilton
1966-1967 Lawrence Cornelius Meredith, MD X Lorain
1965-1966 Henry Alexander Crawford, MD X Cuyahoga
1964-1965 Robert Edward Tschantz, MD X Stark
1963-1964 Horatio T. Pease, MD X Medina
1962-1963 George John Hamwi, MD X Franklin
1961-1962 George W. Petznick, MD X Cuyahoga
1960-1961 Edwin Henry Artman, MD X Ross
Frank Henderson Mayfield, MD X Hamilton
1958-1959 George Albert Woodhouse, MD X Hamilton
1957-1958 Robert Scott Martin, MD X Muskingum
1956-1957 Richard Leis Meiling, MD X Franklin
1955-1956 Charles Lowell Hudson, MD X Hamilton
1955-1955 David William Heusinkveld, MD X Cuyahoga
1954-1955 Merrill Daniel Prugh, MD X Montgomery
1953-1954 Paul A. Davis, MD X Summit
Harve Malone Clodfelter, MD X Franklin
1951-1952 Frederick William Dixon, MD X Cuyahoga
1950-1951 Ernest O. Swartz, MD X Hamilton
1949-1950 Carl A. Lincke, MD X Carroll
1948-1949 Arthur A. Brindley, MD X Lucas
1947-1948 Ralph Loyda Rutledge, MD X Mahoning
Edgar Paul McNamee, MD X Cuyahoga
1945-1946 L. Howard Schriver, MD X Hamilton
1944-1945 L. Howard Schriver, MD X Hamilton
Cliffor C. Sherburne, MD X Franklin
1942-1943 Edward J. McCormick, MD X Lucas
1941-1942 Harry Vincent Paryzek, MD X Cuyahoga
1940-1941 William M. Skipp, MD X Mahoning
1939-1940 Parke Gillespie Smith, MD X Hamilton
1938-1939 Barney John Hein, MD X Lucas
1937-1938 John B. Alcorn, MD X Franklin
1936-1937 Edwin Minor Huston, MD X Montgomery
1935-1936 Ralph Reid Hendershott, MD X Seneca
John Alexander Caldwell, MD X Hamilton
1933-1934 Clyde Lottridge Cummer, MD X Cuyahoga
1932-1933 Herbert Morris Platter, MD X Franklin
1931-1932 Daniel Carey Houser, MD X Champaign
1930-1931 Chester William Waggoner, MD X Lucas
1929-1930 Albert Henry Freiberg, MD X Hamilton
1928-1929 Charles W. Stone, MD X Cuyahoga
1927-1928 Leslie Lawson Bigelow, MD X Franklin
1926-1927 Leora G. Bowers, MD X Montgomery
1925-1926 Clarence Davey Selby, MD X Lucas
1924-1925 George Edward Follansbee, MD X Cuyahoga
1923-1924 Joseph Spangler Rardin, MD X Scioto
Robert Carothers, MD X Hamilton
1921-1922 Wells Teachnor, Sr., MD X Franklin
1920-1921 Charles Lukens, MD X Lucas
1919-1920 James Fairchild Baldwin, MD X Franklin
1918-1919 E. O. Smith, MD X Hamilton
1917-1918 E. O. Smith, MD X Hamilton
1916-1917 Harmon Baker Gibbon, MD X Seneca
1915-1916 William Edgar Lower, MD X Cuyahoga
1914-1915 John Howell Janeway Upham, MD X Franklin
1913-1914 George A. Fackler, MD X Hamilton
1912-1913 James C. M. Floyd, MD X Jefferson
1911-1912 Horace Bonner, MD X Montgomery
1910-1911 Roland Edward Skeel, MD X Cuyahoga
Walter H. Snyder, MD X Lucas
1908-1909 David Robison Silver, MD X Shelby
1907-1908 Charles L. Bonfield, MD X Hamilton
1906-1907 Benjamin Rush McClellan, MD, FACS X Greene
1905-1906 Thomas Charles Martin, MD X Cuyahoga
1904-1905 Stephen Simpson Halderman, MD X Scioto
1903-1904 Charles S. Hamilton, MD X Franklin
1902-1903 William Crossman Chapman, MD X Lucas
1901-1902 Edmund Cone Brush, MD X Muskingum
1900-1901 Frank Dean Bain, MD X Hardin
1899-1900 Rufus Bartlett Hall, MD X Hamilton
1898-1899 Nathaniel Rannells Coleman, MD X Franklin
1897-1898 William Henry Humiston, MD X Cuyahoga
1896-1897 Francis Carter Larimore, MD X Knox
1895-1896 Dan Millikin, MD X Butler
1894-1895 David Nathaniel Kinsman, MD X Franklin
1893-1894 Nathaniel Pendleton Dandridge, MD X Hamilton
1892-1893 Dudley Peter Allen, MD X Cuyahoga
1891-1892 Georgius Anthony Collamore, MD X Lucas
1890-1891 William Judkins Conklin, MD X Montgomery
1889-1890 John M. McCurdy, MD X Mahoning
1888-1889 Phineas Sanborn Conner, MD X Hamilton
1887-1888 Samuel Franklin Forbes, MD X Lucas
1886-1887 Thomas McEbright, MD X Summit
1885-1886 William Morrow Beach, MD X Madison
1884-1885 John Charles Reeve, MD X Montgomery
1883-1884 Chauncey Perkins Landon, MD X Franklin
1882-1883 Chauncey Perkins Landon, MD X Franklin
1881-1882 Starling Loving, MD X Franklin
1880-1881 Elisha H. Hyatt, MD X Delaware
1879-1880 John Alexander Murphy, MD X Hamilton
1878-1879 Benjamin B. Leonard, MD X Logan
1877-1878 William Hunter Philips, MD X Hardin
1876-1877 William Johnston Scott, MD X Cuyahoga
1875-1876 Elkanah Williams, MD X Hamilton
1874-1875 William W. Jones, MD X Lucas
1873-1874 Henry Justus Herrick, MD X Cuyahoga
Andrew Barry Jones, MD X Scioto
1871-1872 William Wirt Dawson, MD X Hamilton
1870-1871 Thaddeus Asbury Reamy, MD X Muskingum
1869-1870 Samuel Mitchell Smith, MD X Franklin
1868-1869 Alexander Dunlap, MD X Clark
1867-1868 Edward Bruce Stevens, MD X Hamilton
1866-1867 John Waterman Hamilton, MD X Franklin
1865-1866 Benjamin Stanton Brown, MD X Logan
1864-1865 Gustav C. E. Weber, MD X Cuyahoga
1863-1864 William P. Kincaid, MD X Clermont
1862-1863 John Wadhams Russell, MD X Knox
1861-1862 Marmaduke Burr Wright, MD X Hamilton
1860-1861 Henry Smith Conklin, MD X Shelby
1859-1860 Leander Firestone, LLD X Wayne
1858-1859 Frederick T. Hurxthall, MD X Stark
1857-1858 Daniel Tilden, MD X Erie
1856-1857 Peter Allen, MD X Trumbull
1855-1856 Giles Samuel Booth Hempstead, MD X Scioto
1854-1855 Charles Woodward, MD X Hamilton
1853-1854 Julius S. Taylor, MD X Montgomery
1852-1853 Horace A. Ackley, MD X Cuyahoga
1851-1852 George W. Boerstler X Fairfield
1850-1851 Richard L. Howard X Franklin
1849-1850 Reuben Dimond Mussey X Hamilton
1848-1849 Jared Potter Kirtland X Cuyahoga
1847-1848 Robert Thompson X Franklin
1846-1847 George W. Boerstler, MB X Fairfield

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