2018 Meeting Recaps


Friday, April 13, 2018

The Ohio State Medical Association (OSMA)’s 2018 Annual Education Symposium got off to a great start this morning. The hall at the Hilton Easton was teeming with vendors and physicians, practice managers, and their staff bustling from booth to booth. The vendors had a multitude of information for attendees along with free goodies like tote bags and pens. This year’s theme? Wellness! Attendees jump-started their day with coffee and healthy refreshments, and mingled with their colleagues and the exhibitors. There was even a yoga/stretching session get guests ready for the day ahead.

To officially start the event, attendees heard an inspirational and motivating opening address from keynote speaker Tim Kight. Kight is the founder and president of Focus 3 and a leadership coach with Urban Meyer and The OSU Buckeyes National Championship Football Team. His message for the Symposium was: “The heart of leadership is making other people better.” He spoke of emphasizing hard work, alignment, trust, and commitment.
Once underway, it was time for educational sessions. Symposium guests chose between 20 sessions organized into interesting themed tracks. In their sessions, attendees learned about subjects like social media marketing to patients, Ohio’s new prior authorization law, changes in payment for behavioral/addiction services, and other cost-saving ideas and best practices for communication within the medical practice.

Lunch was sponsored by OSMA Wellness Sponsor, Kroger. Guests feasted on a delicious array of healthy food to fuel them for the afternoon sessions. Chance Cole from Kroger spoke to the guests during the luncheon on the overarching topic of the whole event, wellness, and the initiatives that Kroger is participating in to better the health of the communities it serves.
Additional breakout sessions followed lunch, with many new tips and innovative solutions for physicians to implement in their practices. Symposium session leaders are experts in a variety of areas within the medical management field. The afternoon also featured an opioid roundtable, a two-part panel discussion about the ongoing drug abuse and addiction crisis.
The day wrapped up with a legislative and regulatory update led by OSMA Senior Director of Government Relations, Tim Maglione, JD. This provided a timely summary of the many major healthcare issues under consideration and deliberation by our elected officials and regulatory agencies.   

Of course, the Symposium could not conclude until the ever-popular door prizes were doled out to visitors who stopped by the exhibitor booths and got their cards initialed – door prizes ranged from gift cards, to gym bags, to spa baskets full of a variety of fun items. A lucky bunch of guests got to bring home these awesome prizes!

Saturday, April 14, 2018

The Ohio State Medical Association's (OSMA's) 2018 Annual Meeting began Friday evening after the Symposium with the Focus Task Force on State Legislation meeting to discuss current legislation, the OSMAPAC (Political Action Committee) Board meeting and dinner, and the American Medical Association (AMA) Delegation meeting.

Saturday morning, the House of Delegates (HOD) began the day with the opening session. Dr. Robyn Chatman, OSMA President 2017-2018, welcomed everyone and officially called the meeting to order. Keynote speaker Dr. Lotte Dyrbye, of the Mayo Clinic, spoke to the HOD about physician burnout. Dr. Dyrbye presented some eye-opening statistics on physician, resident and medical student burnout, as well as some thoughts about the actions needed from medical groups and organizations to help medical caregivers be able to provide their best to their patients. 

At the conclusion of the keynote, Dr. Chatman gave the HOD details about the Resolutions committees and the 26 resolutions originally submitted, and one emergency resolution. 

Todd Baker, OSMA Chief Executive Officer, addressed the House about the OSMA’s major priority: physician engagement. He highlighted physician engagement as key to the vitality and sustainability of the OSMA, and in the years to come it must continue to be fostered as the OSMA finds innovative ways to connect with Ohio’s medical community.

Mr. Baker turned the floor over to Representative Jim Hughes from the Ohio General Assembly and Tim Maglione, JD, the Senior Director of Government Relations for the OSMA. Rep. Hughes presented Tim with a special commendation from the Ohio Legislature in light of his upcoming retirement, to acknowledge his outstanding advocacy work in his 24-year career at the OSMA. Tim thanked Rep. Hughes and the physicians of the OSMA, stating that it was a huge honor to serve them during his career and he felt proud to come to work every day to help elevate physician voices and fight for the practice of medicine.

Following Tim’s commendation, Dr. Chatman gave a brief farewell to the HOD as her presidency culminates, and to reflect upon the past year and the work the OSMA had achieved. Dr. Chatman then announced the candidates for President-Elect and invited the nominators for the candidates to speak about their nominees. Nominees this year included Dr. Alice Dachowski and Dr. Susan Hubbell

Guest speakers from the American Board of Medical Specialties, Tom Granatir and Dr. Gary Procop, addressed the HOD on the topic of maintenance of certification followed by a brief Q&A session.

The morning session of the HOD finished with the presentation of the list of nominees for District Councilor elections as well as delegates to the AMA.

At the all-member luncheon, Monica Hueckel, Director of Government Affairs of the OSMA, gave an introductory address and legislative update. While members enjoyed lunch, Dr. Marvin Rorick, Chair of the OSMAPAC, presented awards for OSMAPAC Donor of the Year and OSMA Advocate of the Year. Eric Kuhn, MD, was acknowledged for his outstanding efforts in helping to achieve the OSMA’s mission of improving the practice of medicine in Ohio for physicians, their staff and patients by supporting OSMAPAC. Dr. Kuhn, a urologist who has practiced for over 30 years and longtime member of the OSMA, consistently gives personal donations to the OSMAPAC and strongly encourages his colleagues to do the same. The giving campaign Dr. Kuhn organized among his practice has had a tremendous impact - rallying his colleagues at The Urology Group in Cincinnati, together they have given over $50,000 in contributions to OSMAPAC in the past 5 years. Congratulations to the OSMAPAC Donor of the Year, Eric Kuhn, MD.

The OSMA was pleased to present the OSMA Advocate of the Year award to Shawn Ryan, MD, MBA. Dr. Ryan embodies what it means to be a physician advocate. Not only is he the current President of the Ohio Society of Addiction Medicine and the Chair of the Payer Relations Committee for the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), Dr. Ryan is also one of the founders of BrightView, an outpatient addiction medicine practice with five locations in Ohio. In collaboration with the OSMA, ASAM, Ohio Mental Health and Addiction Services (OHMHAS), and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), Dr. Ryan has helped implement dozens of one-and-a-half-day trainings in Ohio to improve and expand the medical workforce who treat those who are suffering from addiction. Dr. Ryan is in constant communication with, and often provides formal comments to, the entities in the state that develop and implement rules on the practice of addiction medicine. Dr. Ryan ensures the regulating of addiction medicine is done in a way that is based on the best practices supported by evidence and does not eliminate a patient's access to care. He is also working with OSMA and the insurance plan Medical Directors in Ohio to look at barriers to addiction treatments and through this work group, is hoping to make some meaningful changes to the way insurance plans cover the cost of addiction services.

After the awards, Tim Maglione introduced two guest speakers, Justice Mary De Genaro and Judge Craig Baldwin, who are the OSMA’s endorsed candidates for Supreme Court in the November election. Each speaker presented their judicial philosophies and how it correlates to the advocacy work of the OSMA and the impact of the judicial branch upon the practice of medicine. 

After lunch, the resolutions open hearings began. Members of the HOD provided testimony on the resolutions proposed this year. Resolutions are discussed and the HOD will decide whether these resolutions become OSMA policy.

Resolutions 1-12 were assigned to Resolution Committee 1, chaired by Tyler Campbell, MD. A myriad of topics were covered including bylaws changes, physician-medical student mentoring, and an OSMA policy database. The Committee Chair for Resolutions Committee 2, Alisha Reiss, MD, led the discussion as a moderator for Resolutions 13-26 and an emergency resolution concerning firearms and public health. 

Members of the HOD provided testimony to the resolutions. Once all the resolutions had been discussed and no further comments were announced, the resolutions committees went into closed hearing to deliberate upon the testimonies given and make recommendations for each resolution. 

The Resolutions Committees’ reports were finalized, reviewed and approved by the Chair of each committee. The reports were posted online and emailed to HOD members to view in preparation for Sunday’s final session.

Members enjoyed the opportunity for fun and networking at the All-Member Networking Event that provided them more opportunity to mingle with colleagues, as well as connect with candidates for election on Sunday.

The President-elect Evangeline Andarsio, MD, was inaugurated as the OSMA’s 172nd President. Dr. Andarsio took her oath and was sworn in, after which she delivered a brief inaugural address. Dr. Andarsio’s family was on hand to help the OSMA celebrate her inauguration.

The inauguration festivities continued through the night with a reception and dinner dance to allow members to congratulate and recognize their new President. Dr. Andarsio treated attendees to a band that played Cuban music, reflecting her heritage. The night ended on a strong note with physicians from all over Ohio and guests from other states having a good time, celebrating and enjoying the music and company.


Sunday, April 15, 2018

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