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2018 Resolutions:

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Committee 1

1. Constitution and Bylaws Amendments

2. Young Physicians

3. Strategic Partnership with the Ohio Public Health Association – Update OSMA Mission and Value Statements

4. OSMA to Provide On-line Policy Finder and Constitution and Bylaws

5. Hospital Closures

6. Access to Medical Records

7. USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills Examination

8. Equality for COMLEX and USMLE

9. Mentorship Programming for Medical Student Members

10. Terminal Distributor License

11. On Line Controlled Drugs

12. Dietary Supplements


Committee 2

13. Support of Competitive, Transparent Pricing Models by Pharmacy Benefit Managers 

 Protection of Patient-Physician Relationship in Controversial Legislation

15. Arbitrary Paperwork and Signature Deadlines for Hospital and Rehabilitation Unit Admission

16. E-Card

17. OSMA to Seek Time Parity for Physician Claims Filing and Insurance Take Back

18. Modifier 25

19. Prior Authorization for Durable Medical Equipment

20. Compensation for Pre-Authorization Requests

21. Fairness in commercial Health Insurance Network Panels

22. Medicaid and Commercial Health Insurance

23. Maintaining Medicaid Coverage for Group VIII Enrollees

24. Implementation of Integrated Behavioral Health Care Management Services

25. Support of Acupuncture for Chronic Pain Management

26. 2018 OSMA Policy Sunset Report

Download Current Policy Documents:

Policy Sunset Report, 2018
Policy Compendium, Updated March 2017

Download 2018 Actions:

Action Report on 2017 Resolutions