Ohio Physicians Continue Downward Trend in Opioid Prescribing

News Release, March 5, 2018. 

About 225 million fewer doses of opioids were dispensed to Ohio patients in 2017 compared to 2012, a 30-percent decline, according to a report released today by the Ohio Board of Pharmacy. In just one year alone, from 2016 to 2017, that figure dropped by 10 percent. The dosage decline is matched by a downward trend in opioid prescriptions written by doctors.

The following statement can be attributed to the Ohio State Medical Association (OSMA).

“Ohio physicians for this entire decade have dedicated themselves to being part of the solution to the opioid epidemic which has gripped our state and we’re seeing the positive effects of that commitment.

“Through better pain management treatment efforts and clearer state rules and guidelines, physicians are better equipped to make appropriate decisions when it is necessary to prescribe an opioid.

“The Ohio State Medical Association (OSMA), the state’s largest physician-led organization, took the lead on this issue several years ago when we created Smart Rx®, an online prescriber education and awareness program. To date, thousands of Ohio physicians have completed Smart Rx® and now Ohio’s medical schools are beginning to use the program as part of their curriculum. We’re not only helping physicians today, but those coming in the next generation.

“Still, more work needs to be done to reduce the number of opioids dispensed and Ohio physicians remain committed to providing high-quality medical care that is safe and in the best interest of patients.”