Make Sure to Do your Annual HR Check Up

Posted on 1/10/2019
Now that 2019 is underway, it is essential that you make sure your company is in compliance with state and federal regulatory updates.

OSMA Insurance Agency Announces 2019 Average Rate Renewal of only 2.9 Percent

Posted on 1/10/2019
Physician practices participating in the OSMA’s Health Benefits Plan (HBP) will see another year of rate increases averaging single digits. Renewal increases for 2019 will average 2.9%.

Ohio’s Lame Duck Legislative Session 2018 – What Happened & What You Should Know

Posted on 1/8/2019
What the recent scenario means for Ohioans, particularly physicians and their patients, is that more legislation impacting health care made it past the finish line.

Physician Well-Being: The Real 5th Vital Sign

Posted on 1/2/2019
Perhaps the time has now come to introduce another vital sign, one that directly impacts patient care but can’t so easily be summed up with a series of caricature facial expressions: Physician Well-Being.

Survey Says Doctors Conflicted but Patients Still Top Concern

Posted on 12/20/2018
Physicians are concerned about the quality of care they provide. Physicians today are so disappointed with the present state of medical practice, that 7 out of 10 say they cannot recommend the profession to their children or family members.