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Annual Meeting: Daily Recaps

Friday, March 17

The Ohio State Medical Association (OSMA)’s 2017 Annual Education Symposium, presented in cooperation with the Ohio Medical Group Management Association (OMGMA), got off to a great start this morning. The hall at the Hilton Easton was filled with around 60 different vendors and physicians, practice managers, and their staff bustling from booth to booth. The vendors had a multitude of information for attendees, free goodies like tote bags, pens, and stress balls, and even a little candy. Attendees jumpstarted their day with coffee and refreshments, and mingled with their colleagues and the exhibitors.
After the event got underway, it was time for the educational sessions. Symposium guests chose sessions from 5 exciting themed tracks at registration, and learned about subjects like defensible opioid prescribing, compliance, mastering continuous technological advances in medicine, cost-saving ideas, and best practices for communication within the medical practice.

Lunch, sponsored by Molina Healthcare of Ohio, Inc. was served after the sessions. During lunch, Tim Maglione, the Senior Director of Government Relations at the OSMA, gave a legislative update. His synopsis of current issues in the State Legislature impacting the practice of medicine in Ohio provided attendees with awareness of the hot-button topics that Ohio’s healthcare environment is facing. The OSMA is already hard at work advocating for physicians and their patients in many legislative efforts, including tort reform, the heroin epidemic, and insurance issues.
Two more breakout sessions followed lunch, with many more new tips and innovative solutions for physicians to implement in their practices. Symposium session leaders are experts in a variety of areas within the medical management field.
The day wrapped up with a federal legislative and regulatory update led by Suzanne Falk, the Associate Director of Government Affairs at Medical Management Group Association. Her presentation gave attendees a timely summary of the many major healthcare issues under consideration in Washington.  
Of course, the Symposium could not conclude until the ever-popular door prizes were doled out to visitors who stopped by the exhibitor booths and got their cards initialed – ranging from gift cards to baskets full of a variety of fun items.

Saturday, March 18

The Ohio State Medical Association's (OSMA's) 2017 Annual Meeting began early registration for its House of Delegates Friday evening after the Symposium. Early arrivals included participants in events like the Focus Task Force on State Legislation meeting, where members of that group discussed current legislation to form OSMA positions on them, the OSMAPAC (Political Action Committee) Board meeting and dinner, and the American Medical Association (AMA) Delegation meeting.

Annual Meeting truly kicked off Saturday morning, starting with a few hours for members to get registered for the House of Delegates, fuel up for the coming day with breakfast, and mingle and reconnect, and visit with the OSMA staff booths.

At 9am, the opening session for the House of Delegates (HOD) began. After Dr. Brian Bachelder, OSMA President 2016-2017, welcomed everyone and officially called the meeting to order, members of the HOD recited the Pledge of Allegiance and the Hippocratic Oath. Then, keynote speaker Diane Egbers, owner of Leadership Excelleration, Inc., spoke to the HOD about skill sets for success and about changing ways of thinking that hinder individual progress. Her talk also focused on inspiring the OSMA’s physician leaders to develop strategies to enhance well-being, and taught the “the 4 P’s of an empowered future”: Passion, Purpose, Positivity & Partnership.
After the presentation, HOD session continued. Dr. Bachelder spoke to recognize OSMA leadership, and to announce memorial resolutions for deceased members. Chairs and members nominated to serve on the Resolutions Committees were presented to the HOD.

Todd Baker, OSMA Chief Executive Officer, then addressed the House about his vision to move the OSMA forward in the coming years. He outlined three main themes: commitment, communication, and creativity.

Dr. Bachelder then addressed the House on the progress and achievements of the OSMA in the past year during his tenure as President, and thanked various members of the OSMA staff for their contributions to the OSMA’s success.

After his speech, Dr. Bachelder officially began the work of starting the process for the resolutions hearing. Members of the HOD provided testimony on the resolutions proposed by the OSMA’s members this year. Resolutions are submitted earlier in the year, and at each Annual Meeting, it is decided whether these resolutions will become OSMA policy. This year 30 resolutions were submitted for consideration.

First up were Resolutions 1-16, which were assigned to Resolution Committee No. 1. This year, Resolutions Committee No. 1 was chaired by Anne Taylor, MD. The resolutions for this committee dealt with a myriad of topics, including healthcare coverage, medical documentation, the Ohio Automatic Rx Reporting System (OARRS), and more.

The HOD discussed Resolutions 1-12 before it was time to break for lunch, during which attendees heard from Congressman Pat Tiberi, the guest speaker during the noon meal. Congressman Tiberi addressed the HOD members as they fueled up for the second phase of open hearing, speaking about the journeys ahead for health care.
Once lunch was complete, the hearing moved into a second phase to consider testimony on Resolutions 13-16. After more lively and spirited testimony was presented to Resolutions Committee No. 1 and its chair, Dr. Taylor, the open hearing for this committee concluded.

Following a brief break, the HOD pressed on and presented testimony to Resolutions Committee No. 2 and the Committee Chair for Resolutions Committee No. 2, Denise Bobovnyik, MD, on issues such as physician well-being, needle exchange programs, restrictive covenants, and more.

During the open hearing for Resolutions Committee No. 2, members of Resolutions Committee No. 1 went into closed sessions to generate their reports of recommendations for each resolution assigned.

After the testimonies in the open session were finished, Resolutions Committee 2 also moved to their closed session to generate their report recommendations based on the testimony given during the open hearing. The afternoon for Resolutions Committees members was full of report generation and production. After several hours of writing, the report for each Committee was reviewed and approved by its Chair. The reports were posted publicly for HOD members to view in preparation for Sunday’s final session.

The night also presented an opportunity for fun and networking for OSMA members. The All-Member Networking Event was full of themed discussions on relevant topics such as major legislative and advocacy issues, women in medicine, and more! There was even a station designated purely for games, complete with competitive cup stacking.

Following the Networking Event, after a brief break, it was time for President-elect Chatman to be inaugurated as the OSMA’s new President. Robyn Chatman, MD took her oath and was sworn in as the 171st President, after which she delivered a beautiful inaugural address detailing her personal journey into the world of health care and organized medicine, and the story of how she fulfilled her childhood dream of becoming a doctor. Dr. Chatman’s family, including extended relatives and other loved ones, was on hand to help the OSMA celebrate her inauguration, having traveled to Columbus from both near and far. The gospel choir from her church also treated the HOD to a quick performance that brought a lot of smiles and clapping to the House floor.

Immediately following the inauguration, a Reception and Dinner were held to allow members to recognize their new President. The night ended on a strong note with physicians from all over Ohio and guests from other states enjoying each other’s company.


Sunday, March 19

Resolutions Committee reports were posted online Saturday night, allowing attendees time to review and download. The Ohio State Medical Association (OSMA) House of Delegates (HOD) members awoke to an All-Member Breakfast that included the opportunity to meet candidates for election in the final session of the HOD.

District caucus meetings were held as well, in which members of each of the districts got a chance to review the resolution reports, decide if any of the items on the Consent Calendar should be extracted, and generate any potential amendments together.

At the opening of the final session, Dr. Brian Bachelder called the HOD to order and introduced the opening speaker, Andrew Gurman, MD, the President of the American Medical Association (AMA). The OSMA was happy to have him speak, providing a powerful message about health care coverage and the future of health care in America. Dr. Gurman concluded by taking questions from HOD members, who lined up at the center microphone.

Andrew Thomas, MD, OSMA Secretary/Treasurer, followed up Dr. Gurman’s Q&A session with a short financial update to the HOD. This update, provided based on the adoption of a prior resolution into OSMA policy requiring that the HOD receive a financial update on an annual basis, detailed both expenses of the OSMA last year and a projection of the 2017 expenses and the 2017 budget.

After that, the HOD began the election process.

Evangeline Andarsio, MD was elected President-elect of the OSMA. She gave a brief speech, expressing her gratitude for the support of her colleagues. Her speech also provided a story about her background, summarized her vision for the OSMA, and articulated what she believes are the key issues the OSMA must face in the coming months and years - uncertainty in the health care environment concerning health insurance coverage and physician burnout.

Other elections included District Councilors, Councilors-at-Large, AMA delegates, and AMA alternate delegates. Results will be posted to the website.

The HOD moved on to the report recommendations.
The following resolutions were extracted from Resolutions Committee 1 Report:
•    Resolution 3: Expansion of U.S. Veterans’ Healthcare Choices
•    Resolution 4: Department of Veterans Affairs Accountability and Whistle Blower Protection
•    Resolution 15: Maintain the House of Delegates as the Legislative Body of the OSMA

Testimony regarding proposed amendments to these resolutions followed. The remainder of the Consent Calendar for the Resolution Committee No. 1 was adopted.

The following resolutions were extracted from Rsolutions Committee 2 Report:
•    Resolution 20: Ohio Physicians and the Opioid Problem
•    Resolution 22:  Opposition to the Practice of LGTBQ “Conversion Therapy” or “Reparative Therapy” by Licensed Physicians and Other Medical and Mental Health Care Professionals

Testimony regarding proposed amendments to these resolutions followed. The remainder of the Consent Calendar for the Resolutions Committee No. 2 was adopted.

This completed the business regarding resolutions. The final Resolutions reports will be posted to the OSMA website.

Newly inaugurated OSMA president, Dr. Robyn Chatman handed out awards for several drawings from those who participated in the peer referral campaign. The meeting of the HOD was adjourned to prepare for the follow-up OSMA Council meeting.

The Ohio State Medical Association would like to thank every participant in this year’s annual meeting for their passion and dedication, and hopes to see the same faces and many new ones at next year’s meeting, to be held the weekend of April 14-15, 2018.

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