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Language Service/Interpretation

Effective communication is the cornerstone of quality medical care. Communicating with limited English Proficiency and Deaf/Hard-of-hearing patients has never been easier than it is now with video remote interpretation, provided by Stratus Video. Video remote interpretation (VRI) combines the benefits of face-to-face interpretation with the on-demand nature of over-the-phone interpretation (OPI). With just the push of a button, your patient will be able to see and hear a medically qualified interpreter in their language. VRI is instant, mobile, and cost effective. As the industry leader in VRI, Stratus Video recognizes the importance of both interpretation and technology quality. Our medically qualified interpreters are available around the clock, and our technology is quick and easy to use.

Stratus Video Differentiators:

    Any Device, Anywhere 

  • The Stratus Video Interpreting app can be loaded onto any Tablet, Smartphone, Desktop or Laptop, and our interpreters can be reached over WiFi or 4G.

    Highest Video Call Volume

  • Our video call volume is 50 times higher than our closest competitor, with more than 80K video calls serviced daily. Stratus Video calls require minimal bandwidth – calls can be placed over 4G and in areas with poor WiFi.

    Complete ADA Compliance 

  • Our ASL interpreters are nationally certified, and we provide free video relay service calls. Our VRS calls are private and work with any and every VRS provider. We now offer Certified Deaf Interpretation, ensuring complete compliance.

    Onsite Video Call Centers

  •  We can seat your staff interpreters at an internal video call center and route calls to their stations first. This increases staff efficiency while lowering costs. If your interpreters are not available, the call will roll to Stratus Video interpreters.

Stratus Video Interpreting also complies with Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), enabling healthcare institutions to provide meaningful access to all individuals in need of communication assistance.

>> Learn more about how Stratus Video Interpreting meets Section 1557 standards.

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