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OSMAPAC Announces 2020 Election Endorsements

As the political voice for the OSMA’s physician, resident and student members, the Ohio State Medical Association Political Action Committee (OSMAPAC) advocates for Ohio physicians by helping to elect state and federal candidates based on their commitment to physician and patient issues. Each year, we are proud to endorse candidates for U.S. House of Representatives, the Ohio Supreme Court and the Ohio General Assembly and share information about these endorsements with OSMA members.

After extensive consideration of candidate histories, careful review of candidate questionnaires, recommendations from local physicians, and some additional virtual candidate interviews, the OSMAPAC has made its selections for endorsed candidates for the upcoming 2020 election this November.

These selected candidates have shown dedication to making positive changes to healthcare and working on behalf of the issues impacting Ohio physicians. The OSMAPAC would like to thank all the candidates who participated in the questionnaire and interview processes, and the endorsed candidates for their continued support of the practice of medicine in Ohio.

The OSMAPAC is proud to endorse the candidacies of the following candidates for the 2020 election year. If you would like more details or are interested in information about further supporting the OSMAPAC mission and advocacy, please email Joe Rosato.



Ohio Supreme Court:

Justice Judith French

Justice Sharon Kennedy




U.S. House of Representatives, Ohio:

Steve Chabot, Ohio Congressional Dist. 1

Brad Wenstrup, Ohio Congressional Dist. 2

Joyce Beatty, Ohio Congressional Dist. 3

Bob Latta, Ohio Congressional Dist. 5

Bill Johnson, Ohio Congressional Dist. 6

Bob Gibbs, Ohio Congressional Dist. 7

Warren Davidson, Ohio Congressional Dist. 8

Marcy Kaptur, Ohio Congressional Dist. 9

Mike Turner, Ohio Congressional Dist. 10

Marcia Fudge, Ohio Congressional Dist. 11

Troy Balderson, Ohio Congressional Dist. 12

Tim Ryan, Ohio Congressional Dist. 13

Dave Joyce, Ohio Congressional Dist.14

Steve Stivers, Ohio Congressional Dist. 15

Anthony Gonzalez, Ohio Congressional Dist. 16



Ohio Senate:

Theresa Gavarone, Dist. 2

George Lang, Dist. 4

Niraj Antani, Dist. 6

Louis Blessing, Dist. 8

Bob Hackett, Dist. 10

Matt Huffman, Dist. 12

Terry Johnson, Dist. 14

Stephanie Kunze, Dist. 16

Jerry Cirino, Dist. 18

Tim Schaffer, Dist. 20

Mark Romanchuk, Dist. 22

Matt Dolan, Dist. 24

Bill Reineke, Dist. 26

Vernon Sykes, Dist. 28

Frank Hoagland, Dist. 30

Sean O'Brien, Dist. 32



Ohio House of Representatives:

Scott Wiggam, Dist. 1

Marilyn John, Dist. 2

Haraz Ghanbari, Dist. 3

Bob Cupp, Dist. 4

Tim Ginter, Dist. 5

Phillip Robinson, Dist. 6

Tom Patton, Dist. 7

Janine Boyd, Dist. 9

Terrence Upchurch, Dist. 10

Stephanie Howse, Dist. 11

Juanita Brent, Dist. 12

Bride Rose Sweeney, Dist. 14

Jeffrey Crossman, Dist. 15

Dave Greenspan, Dist. 16

Adam Miller, Dist. 17

Kristin Boggs, Dist. 18

Mary Lightbody, Dist. 19

Richard Brown, Dist. 20

Beth Liston, Dist. 21

David Leland, Dist. 22

Laura Lanese, Dist. 23

Allison Russo, Dist. 24

Erica Crawley, Dist. 26

Jessica Miranda, Dist. 28

Cindy Abrams, Dist. 29

Bill Seitz, Dist. 30

Brigid Kelly, Dist. 31

Catherine Ingram, Dist. 32

Emilia Sykes, Dist. 34

Tavia Galonski, Dist. 35

Matt Shaughnessy, Dist. 36

Casey Weinstein, Dist. 37

Bill Roemer, Dist. 38

Phil Plummer, Dist. 40

Andrea White, Dist. 41

Tom Young, Dist. 42

Rodney Creech, Dist. 43

Paula Hicks-Hudson, Dist. 44

Lisa Sobecki, Dist., 45

Michael Sheehy, Dist. 46

Derek Merrin, Dist. 47

Scott Oelslager, Dist. 48

Thomas West, Dist. 49

Reggie Stoltzfus, Dist. 50

Sara Carruthers, Dist. 51

Jennifer Gross, Dist. 52

Thomas Hall, Dist. 53

Gayle Manning, Dist. 55

Joe Miller, Dist. 56

Michele Lepore-Hagan, Dist. 58

Al Cutrona, Dist. 59

George Phillips, Dist. 60

Jamie Callender, Dist. 61

Scott Lipps, Dist. 62

Jean Schmidt, Dist. 65

Adam Bird, Dist. 66

Rachel Morocco, Dist. 67

Rick Carfagna, Dist. 68

Sharon Ray, Dist. 69

Darrell Kick, Dist. 70

Mark Frazier, Dist. 71

Randi Clites, Dist. 75

Diane Grendell, Dist. 76

Jeff LaRe, Dist. 77

Brian Stewart, Dist. 78

Kyle Koehler, Dist. 79

Jim Hoops, Dist. 81

Susan Manchester, Dist. 84

Tracy Richardson, Dist. 86

Riordan McClain, Dist. 87

Chris Liebold, Dist. 88

DJ Swearingen, Dist. 89

Brian Baldridge, Dist. 90

Mark Johnson, Dist. 92

Jay Edwards, Dist. 94

Adam Holmes, Dist. 97

Brett Hillyer, Dist. 98

Richard Dana, Dist. 99




































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