Agenda & Session Options


Keynote Presentation: What Consumers Really Want

Providers need to start doing things differently in order to better
engage and care for consumers, and to remain financially viable.

Consumers certainly have evolving expectations of health services—shaped by experiences outside of healthcare. Regardless of your practice size and structure, you WILL need to do things differently in the future in order to better engage and care for consumers and to remain financially viable. This discussion will demonstrate to providers and practice managers the importance of being aware of what consumers are asking for; the importance of technology, telehealth, creative relationships with payers; and how to integrate these strategies into practice management, staff engagement and future planning.

  • Good food and networking with colleagues
  • OSMA’s Legislative & Advocacy Agenda: Current and Future Efforts
  • More than 50 organizations discuss their products and services to help you and your practice


Exciting Breakout Session Options:

1A: Anatomy of Private Equity Transaction and Current Merger & Acquisition Trends for Medical Practices

1B: Wage and Hour Issues

1C: Communicating With Patients to Improve Collections

1D: Alleviate Physician Burnout by Leveraging the EHR’s Power of Informatics and Analytics

2A: Paradigm Senior Care Advantage: A case study in transforming care that connects patient, primary care and payers

2B: The CBD & Medical Marijuana Craze: What is an Employer to Do

2C: Team Based Care and Practice Transformation

2D: Cultivating a Winning Practice Culture

3A: What You Can Do Now to Prepare For E/M Changes in the Future

3B: Supervising Friends, Family & Peers

3C: A Breakdown of Medicare’s New Policy Development Process

3D: How Medical Office Location and Design Enhance the Patient Experience

3E: Medical Marijuana Updates, Adverse Reactions, & Regulatory Interactions - (1-3pm)

4A: Gender Identity: Coding, EMR and Insurance Barriers

4B: Complaint Procedures and Difficult Employees

4C: Improving Office Efficiency for Better Profitability, Staff Retention, & Patient Care

4D: The M&Ms of Healthcare: MIPS & Models

Closing General Session: Legislative & Advocacy Update