Physician Advocate Award

An Award Presented by the Ohio State Medical Association

OSMA's Physician Advocate of the Year Award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated the ability to effectively advocate at the local, state and/or federal levels on behalf of their profession and patients.

Physician advocacy plays a crucial role in enhancing the OSMA and the political process. In a society confronted with pressing issues such as affordability and access to health care, physician advocacy is of critical importance. The physician advocate goes beyond their primary role of providing clinical treatment to their patients by advocating for the well-being of their profession, patients and communities in which they serve. The OSMA Physician Advocate of the Year Award is presented each year during the OSMA’s Annual Meeting.


Past Recipients:

2024: (to be awarded at the 2025 Annual Meeting)

2023: Tani Malhotra, MD, Amy Burkett, MD, and Lauren Beene, MD

2022: Alan Levy, MD

2021: Anthony Armstrong, MD

2020: Lisa Bohman Egbert, MD and Andrew Thomas, MD

2019: Eric Drobny, MD

2018: Beth Liston, MD, PhD

2017: Shawn Ryan, MD

2016: Brian Santin, MD

2015: Robert Lorenz, MD

2014: Louis Barich, MD and Elizabeth Kiracofe, MD

2013: Theodore E. Wymyslo, MD

2012: Dawn Prall, MD

2011: G Patrick Ecklar, MD