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Our 2023 Summer Scholars Recipients!


Thanks to your generosity, we were thrilled to announce the 2023 cohort of OSMA Foundation Summer Scholars scholarship recipients!

We're looking forward to continuing this support in 2024, with your help. The future of medicine is certainly bright!  

Summer Scholars

Summer Scholars 2023

Elizabeth Abrams 
The Ohio State University College of Medicine 

Pursuing clinical research internship at The Ohio State University focused on novel approaches to Emergency Department HIV screenings, particularly around evidence-based practices that promote equity and reduce stigma.  

Summer Scholars 2023

Sydney Bitting 
Northeast Ohio Medical University 

Pursing internship focused on pediatric Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Also working on a hematology-oncology case report through Akron Children's Hospital and volunteering at the Akron Rotary Camp that supports children with disabilities.

Summer Scholars 2023

Trent James 
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine 

Pursuing internship through Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Medical Center Department of Plastic Surgery, focused on public health initiatives for cleft lip and palate.

Summer Scholars 2023 Ethan Kosco 
University of Toledo College of Medicine 

Pursuing orthopedic spine surgery internship at the Harvard University Medical School Brigham and Women’s Hospital, applying knowledge of regenerative medicine, learning research skills in the stem cell vertebral disc degeneration lab, and observing how research is translated in the operating room. 

Summer Scholars 2023

Aditya Mistry 
The Ohio State University College of Medicine 

Pursuing internship with the Wexner Medical Center Urology Department, focusing on social determinants of health for PSA screening of individuals with prostate cancer, and analyzing surgical intervention vs. conservational management of large Staghorn kidney stones. 

Summer Scholars 2023

Connor Riegal 
Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

Pursuing internship opportunity at Stanford University in the Brain Stimulation Lab to conduct research focused on novel approaches to treat psychiatric illness using deep brain stimulation as well as using neuroimaging to find predictive markets for the prognosis of these conditions.

Summer Scholars 2023

Michaela Stamper 
Northeast Ohio Medical University 

Investigating Immigrant and Refugee Community needs through Community Stakeholder Interviews. 

Summer Scholars 2023

Adriane Weininger 
Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine 

Working at the VA hospital in Columbus on a quality improvement project to identify gaps in behavioral health and find ways to minimize them—as well as also trying to identify why there are missed opportunities (no-shows) and if there is an overarching reason behind it. 

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