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A Focus on Men's Health Month—Q&A with Eric Drobny, MD


OSMA Thought Leadership

Q: Men’s Health Month is in June. Why do you think it’s important to recognize Men’s Health Month and put an emphasis on this area? 

A: First, I think June is a great month for us to focus on Men’s Health. As we gather to celebrate graduations, Father’s Day, and the start of the summer season it’s a perfect time to reflect on the health of the men in our lives. Selecting a month to recognize Men’s Health affords us the opportunity to begin a conversation about the unique health issues impacting men. Emphasizing the common issues men face helps them better understand their risks, allowing them to make impactful decisions about their health. 

Q: What are some of the most common challenges you see men facing in their health journeys?  

A: The common ones that come to mind are cardiovascular health, cancer risk, mental well-being, and accident/injury prevention. All of these are impacted by societal pressures for men to be strong and are complicated by men’s tendency to ignore warning signs, which can lead to delays in seeking care. 

Q: What can men do in June and beyond to prioritize their health? 

A: It would be a good time for men to check with their physicians to make sure they are up to date with their cardiovascular/cancer screenings. For those tests that are recommended, get them scheduled! Next, I would focus on diet and exercise. With June’s plentiful fresh produce and fine weather, I can’t think of a better time to work on establishing healthy habits. Carrying these into the colder months not only helps reduce physical health risks but can also have a beneficial impact on mental well-being. 

Q: Anything else you’d like to add?

A: One area that deserves special mention is preventable injury/death. Throughout life, men have greater preventable injury death rates than women. This is led by poisoning (drug overdose) and motor vehicle accidents in early adulthood and falls in later life. It can be easy to overlook these causes as they don’t fit into the general categories of diseases we treat. Therefore, I feel it’s important to call special attention to them and their impact on Men’s Health.


2019 Eric Drobny Md

Eric Drobny, MD 
OSMA President 

Emergency Medicine  • OSMA Member since 1997 


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