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AMA Annual Meeting Recap – Ohio Well Represented by OSMA Members


Earlier this month the American Medical Association (AMA) held its annual meeting in Chicago.The OSMA Delegation was extremely active in the policy making process. Additionally, numerous OSMA members were elected to key leadership roles, received awards and participated in other discussions throughout the meeting.


Lisa Bohman Egbert, MD, elected as Speaker, AMA House of Delegates.

Ricardo Correa, Md, EdD, elected to the Council on Medical Education and Immediate Past Chair of IMG Governing Council.

Brandon Francis, MD, elected as RFS Member at Large.

Edward Bope, MD, re-elected to Senior Physicians Governing Council.

Tani Malhotra, MD, elected as Chair-Elect on IMG Governing Council.

Andrew Rudawsky, MD, elected as Interim-Chair, Medical Informatics Caucus.

Miss Kiersten Woodyard De Brito, MPH, elected as Student Councilor to Council on Science and Public Health.


Ohio physician, John Johnson, MD, MBA, received the AMA Foundation’s 2023 Dr. Debasish Mridha Spirit of Medicine Award. The Award recognizes the work of U.S. physicians who demonstrate altruism, compassion, integrity, leadership and personal sacrifice while providing quality health care to destitute, distressed or marginalized populations in underserved communities.


OSMA President, Eric Drobny, MD, represented Ohio as part of the AMA presidential inauguration of Jesse Ehrenfeld, MD.

OSMA Delegate to the AMA, Brett Coldiron, MD, comments regarding the impact of private equity on medical practices was covered in a Medpage article reviewing the AMA meeting.

OSMA Delegate to the AMA, John Corker, MD, made a presentation during the meeting as part of a panel covering - Mass Casualty Events: Active Shooter Scenes, Triage and Acute Care and their Aftermath. Specifically, Dr. Corker discussed, The Immediate setting and aspects of a primary shooter—the scene and pre-planning.   



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