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Meet OSMA Foundation Summer Scholar, Ethan Kosco

Summer Scholars

Developing the 
next generation of physicians!

The OSMA Foundation's Summer Scholars program provides stipends for medical students to pursue summer opportunities in research, community health, health advocacy and medical education programs.

Summer Scholars 2023
Ethan Kosco

Summer Internship Program:
Brigham Women’s/Harvard Medical School Intervertebral Disc Regeneration Summer Orthopaedic Surgery Research Intern

Medical School and Year:
University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences, M2

Undergraduate School:
Cornell University

Cleveland, OH

How did you hear about the OSMA Foundation Summer Scholars stipend opportunity?
I am a member of the University of Toledo American Medical Association. The summer scholars opportunity was mentioned in an email update, and I thought it was a perfect opportunity to help support me during my summer internship!

Tell us about your summer internship program. What are you working on?
I am working on an intervertebral disc (IVD) regeneration project. This IVD sits in between your vertebrae to allow it to bend and absorb stress. It can be damaged by trauma or can degenerate while aging. I am assisting with a project focused on delaying or even reversing degeneration of the disc to alleviate back pain.

What impact has the OSMA Foundation Summer Scholars program had on you and your medical school goals and pursuits?
The Summer Scholars program provided me with the funds to secure more convenient housing for the summer so I can spend more time in the research lab and operating room and less time commuting. I am excited to share what I learn about orthopaedic surgery with my classmates at the University of Toledo who will someday provide excellent care across Ohio!

What’s next for your medical career journey?
After this summer, I will continue my medical school career while engaging in orthopaedic research and shadowing to further my knowledge in the field. I will also stay in contact with the mentors from my summer experience so I can continue studying intervertebral disc regeneration after I return to Toledo.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!
I once solved the Rubik’s Cube in 47 seconds!


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