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National Overdose Epidemic Report—How is Ohio Doing?


Last week, the American Medical Association (AMA) released its 2023 Overdose Epidemic Report. It finds opioid prescribing by physicians and other health professionals decreased for the 13th consecutive year, down nearly 50% since 2012, while overdoses and deaths related to illicitly manufactured fentanyl, xylazine and other synthetic substances continue to increase.

The report provides state specific data with some encouraging signs for Ohio and areas for improvement. In particular, Ohio leads the nation in physician queries to its Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP).

Ohio's Report Highlights:

  • Ohio leads the nation in physician queries to the PDMP—with more than 406,533,088 in 2022, up from 7,500,000 in 2014. California has approximately 125 million—meaning Ohio had three times more queries in 2022 than the next closest state in the country. Ohio physicians are leading the nation by far in this important measure.

  • Total Opioid prescriptions dispensed in Ohio decreased from 11,074,247 in 20212 to 4,872,395 in 2022 a 56% decrease—greater than the 49% decrease seen nationwide.

  • Total dispensed prescriptions for naloxone in retail pharmacies in Ohio increased from 59 in 2012 to 71,963 in 2022—more than a 250% increase.

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