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A Unified Call to Action

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As we continue to support and expand the Well-Being CARE service, we invite you to join us in this vital initiative. Whether you're a healthcare professional navigating the pressures of the field or someone who recognizes the importance of mental wellness, your awareness of this service could aid a friend or colleague in need. 

Together, we can ensure that every medical professional in Ohio has access to the support they need to maintain their health and continue providing exceptional care to those who rely on them.

Foundation Impact


One healthcare worker has shared:

"I knew I was feeling burnt out, but I thought it was manageable. The Well-Being CARE tool offered me a quick, anonymous way to assess my situation. It was eye-opening and ultimately empowering."

Another added:

"Facing the pressures of my medical practice alongside personal challenges felt isolating. Discovering Well-Being CARE and receiving personalized recommendations after just a 10-minute survey changed my perspective on seeking help. Now I’m not just surviving; I’m thriving."

Spouses and family members have expressed:

"Watching my partner struggle with burnout was heart-wrenching. Encouraging them to use the Well-Being CARE service brought peace of mind to our entire family." 

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