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2023 Foundation Donor Recognition


In recognition of Contributions January 1, 2023 through February 7, 2024:

Robert Ancker, MD                  

Evangeline Andarsio, MD                     

Soma Avva, MD            

S. Baird Pfahl Jr, MD

Roger Balogh, MD                                

Laurie Bankston , MD                

Christopher Barlow, MD                                  

John Bastulli, MD                     

Michael Bertram, MD                           

Mary Beth & Richard Ellison, MD                      

Haley Bittner, MD                                

Denise Bobovnyik, MD                         

Mary Bower, MD                                 

Michelle Bowman, MD                        

Ryan Brinn, MD                       

Sally Brooks, MD                                  

Christopher Brown, MD           

John Burchfield, MD                  

Kelly Burghard, MD                  

Amy Burkett, MD                     

Craig Cairns, MD                      

Robyn Chatman, MD                            

Anthony Congeni, MD                          

John Corker, MD                      

John Crankshaw, MD                

Jacqueline Daley-Perrin                       

Eric Drobny, MD  

Patrick Ecklar, MD                    

Louito Edje, MD           

Lisa Egbert, MD            

Karl Fernandes,MD                  

Christina Fink, MD                               

Augusto Fojas, MD                  

Nicholas Franklin, MD                          

Christopher Gaskins, MD                      

David Griffth, MD                     

Marla Haller, DO                      

Lauren Hassen, MD                              

Clyde Henderson, MD                          

Julia Heng, MD            

Charles Hickey, MD                  

Susan Hubbell, MD                  

Susan Komorowski, MD           

Robert Kose, MD                                 

William Kose, MD                     

Jeffrey Leipzig, MD                              

Robert Lenobel, MD                

Anne Litrizza, MD                                 

Deborah Lynn, MD                               

Wilma Mansfield, MD                          

Joan McDonough, DO                          

Daniel Miller, MD                                

Christopher Minning, MD                                

Anubhav Mital, MD                  

William Mitchell, MD                           

Norman Moser, DO                              

Richard Munk, MD                   

Sandy Naples, DO                              

Georgia Newman, MD                          

Rosemarie Osowik, MD            

Gerard Papp, DO                     

Julia Pasquale, MD                               

Luis Perez, DO                         

Marilyn Peters, MD                  

The Physicians Foundation                   

Michelle Potts, MD                              

Brenda Prince, DO                   

Susan Rice, MD                        

Jerome Roche, Jr., MD             

Eric Rothfusz, Jr., MD

James Schlotman, Jr., MD

Gary Schniegenberg, MD                                 

Rae Schnuerer                         

Edward Scott, III, MD                           

Youn Seo, MD                          

Steven Shook, MD                               

Hank Silverman, III, MD                        

Sareena Singh, MD                               

Peter Stanich, MD                               

OSMA - Alliance

William Sternfeld, MD              

Stephanie Striet, MD                           

Alexander Stuber, MD                         

Jeffrey Studebaker, MD           

Anne Taylor, MD                      

Gnanam Thambi-Pillai, MD                               

Marcia Thomas, MD                

Mark Thompson, MD                  

Joseph Trunzo, MD                  

Dana Vallangeon, MD                          

Carl Wehri, MD            

Colette Willins, MD                  

Patricia Wongsam, MD                         

Joseph Zeno, DO                                  

Mark Ziegler, MD                                              

Founders Society

In recognition of donors who have given accumulatively $1,846 or greater since April 2021. 

Our Founders Society gives a nod to OSMA’s founding in 1846, and our celebration of 175th Anniversary in 2021. 

Dr. Craig W. Anderson, MD

Dr. Anthony J. Armstrong, MD

Dr. Robert L. Barker, MD

Dr. John A. Bastulli, MD

Dr. Amy M. Burkett, MD

Dr. Eric D. Drobny, MD

Dr. Lisa B. Egbert, MD

Mary Beth & Dr. Richard R. Ellison, MD

Dr. Marla G. Haller, DO

Kathy & Ronald Harter, MD

Dr. Charles J. Hickey, MD

Dr. Susan L. Hubbell, MD

Dr. William H. Kose, MD

Dr. Abdullatif M. Nimr, MD

OSMA -  Alliance

Mr. Dan Paoletti

Dr. S. Baird Pfahl, Jr., MD

Dr. Tarlok S. Purewal, MD

Dr. Brian J. Santin, MD

Dr. Gary M. Schniegenberg, MD

Dr. Lawrence J. Singerman, MD

Dr. William C. Sternfeld, MD

Dr. Anne Taylor, MD

Dr. Shannon C. Trotter, DO

Dr. Mary J. Wall, MD

Dr. Carl S. Wehri, MD

Dr. Thomas T. Weis, MD



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